The fight is not over yet. Mexico expected to become worldwide epicenter of the pandemic

We still need you

We Seeks Donations to Provide Critical Medical Supplies to Medical Personnel



These are our front line heroes that every day prepare with whatever PPE they have, knowing full well what they are walking into as they enter the Covid zones, yet their love for their calling is much higher than their fear. Let’s make the journey easier for them by donating to provide them appropriate tools.


More than 41 hospitals have received medical equipment and PPE

  • Hospital General Zacatecas de Zona 1 del IMSS
  • Hospital General de Zacatecas del ISSSTE
  • Hospital General de Zacatecas de la SSA
  • Hospital COVID-19 de Guadalupe, Zacatecas de la SSA
  • Hospital General de Fresnillo de la SSA
  • Hospital General Zacatecas de Zona 1 del IMSS        
  • Hospital General de Zacatecas del ISSSTE - Hospital General de Zacatecas de la SSA  Hospital COVID-19 de Guadalupe, Zacatecas de la SSA.        
  • Hospital General de Fresnillo de la SSA        
  • Hospital General Mazatlán        
  • Hospital General Culiacán        
  • Hospital General Guamuchil        
  • Hospital General Guasave        
  • Hospital General Mochis        
  • El hospital Juan Graham Cassasus        
  • Hospital Civil Dr. Antonio González Guevara        
  • Hospital General Santiago Ixcuintla        
  • Hospital General San Francisco        
  • Hospital General Rosamorada        
  • Hospital Básico Comunitario Compostela        
  • Hospital Integral Puente de Camotlan        
  • Hospital Integral Acaponeta        
  • Hospital Básico Comunitario Tecuala        
  • Hospital Básico Comunitario Jesús María        
  • Hospital Integral Tuxpan        
  • Hospital Integral Ixtlán del Rio        
  • Hospital Básico Comunitario Las Varas        
  • Hospital Básico Comunitario Tondoroque        
  • Hospital Básico Comunitario Las Varas        
  • Hospital General Navojoa        
  • IMSS Navojoa        
  • UMAE IMSS Cajeme        
  • Hospital General de Mexicali        
  • Hospital General de Tijuana        
  • Clínica COVID instalada en el Centro de Convenciones Poliforum de TuxtlaGutierrez, Chiapas

As the COVID-19 pandemic stabilizes in California, thousands of people in Mexico are succumbing to this fatal virus.

With the number of cases growing south of the border, front-line workers need critical medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to face an increasing number of cases of COVID-19.

May their souls rest in peace.

Served and gave their lives to fight COVID.

Give their life
Against COVID-19
They deserved heaven
Thanks for your effort
We never forget
Care and Love
Hard work and effort
Save us!
Miss you
Thank you

The Adopt a Hero Campaign has been providing medical front line workers in Mexico with masks, gowns, gloves, and other critical medical supplies, yet there is still a shortage of equipment. 

Founder Adopt a Hero

Maria Fernanda Reyes, entrepreneur and founder of the Adopt a Hero Campaign lost her father to brochial aspiration 6 years ago due to lack of access to a ventilator, and after witnessing the current sanitary crisis first-hand, decided to help others in Mexico.

 “The help of the local community has been overwhelming, but we still need more money to move supplies as quickly as possible.”

In memory

In memory of Fernando José Reyes Bustamante (server)

Anybody can help a front line responder by making a $25, $50 or $100 donation toward a kit, or to support the purchase of a $1,200 ventilator through our $100,000 GoFundMe campaign.

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